Why every job along the way is a part of your dream job.

A useful tool for entrepreneurs and brandbuilders who want to create dialogue with clients.

How to cut through the clutter and out-pitch your competitors.

Infusing your speeches with 'underlying energies' for greater persuasiveness

So you're in charge? Now be hamster-free...!

Hoarding small chunks of time to achieve your own goals.

How to re-ignite your entrepreneurial hunger.

How to introduce a story while enhancing your own credibility.

Good speakers walk a fine line between self-deprecation and bragging. Have you found a happy medium?

...When life happens, your mental shoe-laces needn't come untied. Make the sale anyway.

The Electric Circuit Theory for entrepreneurs

A humorous account of a presentation that went wrong

Add a little polish to your Public Speaking.

...that have nothing to do with PowerPoint

Your recipe for career advancement.

It's not about the blazer.

The boiled-down basics for impactful speaking.

A rather critical look at acceptance speeches.

12 tips for overcoming nerves.

New guidelines for more modern presenting.

A gift for you

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